re: What resources would you recommend to a web developer wanting to learn native iOS development? VIEW POST

re: Hey Omar, I did a similar thing a couple years ago. You should still have a quick rundown of the language docs.swift.org/swift-book/Language.... T...

Did you mess around would react native at all and would you recommend maybe starting there? Or just diving right into native iOS.


Straight into iOS. I don't think it will benefit you too much if you're planning on learning native iOS, it's still js after all. Do you already know react? react native wont be hard to pick up if so, if you decide swift is not for you but still want to do mobile dev.

I’m very familiar with react so I’ve thought react native would be a quicker way to actually be able to build something. But I’m not sure if react native will be able to do what I want.

It will be faster for you to build a react native app for sure since you don't have to learn a new language (and the things that come with it like design patterns, libraries etc). I assume you can just code in swift/obj-c to fill the missing features? Although I don't know how hard/easy it is to mix the two, so it might start causing you some headaches.

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