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Digital Business Tools Professionals Use

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Considering the modern digital business, many talk about the importance of the team, about such fashionable things as soft skills, problem and risk management, and so on. However, many people forget about things that help us in our work every day. We are talking about tools for digital business, the number and variety of which is amazing.


Of course, some tools themselves do not carry any value. The real magic begins when professionals and specialists work with them. However, there are such tools that need only timely adjustment, and nothing more. They carry value and collect important data for your business while you are not working.


Ten years ago we installed tools from disks. Today, technological progress allows us to install instruments literally in two clicks online. It is about these online tools, which are integral helpers of any business processes, that will be discussed in our article.


We divided all the tools from our article on classes, depending on their specialization.

Content creation tools

Content, whether it is text, video or anything else, is the cornerstone in any digital business promotion. This is part of your SEO-promotion, SMM and marketing in general. You won’t come anywhere without content, that’s a fact. Let's consider some useful tools.


This tool combines not only content creation but also planning with a calendar. Using it, you can create a calendar and schedule the development of content for certain days. At the same time, every single day the tool will be offering you a type of content that is somehow attached to the current day. This is especially useful on holidays when PromoRepublic offers you the appropriate content for this particular holiday. It can be images, videos or just ideas - anything that will push you on the right track on this day.


By going to site, you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent and inspiring music. Such online platforms are the first assistant in the creation and promotion of video content, which is the main tool for content marketing today. Taketones stores a huge amount of royalty-free music, which is distributed under 5 licenses, including Creative Commons. The variety of tracks is very large, so no matter what video content you are trying to add music to, you can find it on the platform.

Tools for setting up teamwork

Whatever the scale of the digital business, it is rarely the work of just one person. Of course, there are exceptions, but in 99% of cases, a successful startup or business is a team of enthusiasts united by one idea. In this sense, tools that help organize the work of such a team are simply necessary. Let's consider a couple of them.

Atlassian tools

Well, who has not heard of the Atlassian, right? This company has developed a huge number of tools aimed at a variety of tasks. But all of them, one way or another, help large teams of people to work together with maximum efficiency. Jira, Confluence, Requirements Clarity Mep and others - all these tools are the real professional assistants for large and serious companies. Due to the fact that their use actually improves the quality of your business, your profits and else, their cost is also high. However, all of them, with skillful use, will help product owners build quality and truly working collaborations and minimize any losses and risks.

Google Drive

Yes, in this section we will not surprise anyone. After Atlassian tools, we immediately have Google Drive. The thing is that this tool is still the best solution in the matter of placing and storing anything, any files and documents. Dropbox is also a good choice, but Google Drive, which appeared a little later, is still the most popular and familiar service for many businesses.

SMM tools

Whether you like it or not, social media has already become the most common manifestation of our daily lives. And although 12 years ago, some perceived the existence of a profile in social networks as a sure sign of a bad tone, today the most serious people have their profiles, ranging from the President of the United States to Bill Gates. More importantly, they all use their profiles as their own blogs. Thus, they communicate with their subscribers and tell them important news or their opinions on particular issues.


Therefore, every serious business must advance at platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter today. If you have very little experience or no skillful SMM-manager, here are a few tools that will help you in your SMM promotion.


Buffer is one of the most popular SMM tools for developing your presence on social networks. And speaking of this, we, first of all, mean the growth of your audience, your sales, and branding.


The first useful feature of Buffer is a scheduler, which allows you to schedule posting to several key platforms at once - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +.


The convenient dashboard allows you to quickly manage and edit your content in social networks. Here you can create marketing companies for each of the sites and track their success. There is a free version of the tool, so you can join over 75,000 businesses that have already successfully tried Buffer for free.

Summing up

We want to admit that it is simply impossible to cover every, even the most popular and useful tools, within the framework of one article. The thing is that their number and variety is so great that we would need a whole encyclopedia to describe them all.


The thought we sought to convey in this article is very simple. Making your digital business has never been so easy as it is today. Ask entrepreneurs who started in the 90s or early 2000s. They had nothing but their own ideas. Today, any entrepreneur can collect a whole package of tools that will bring real benefits to his business and automate many processes for free, or for fairly modest money. This can significantly reduce your team's man-hours. Do not waste time and start to use these tools, and you will immediately feel the result.

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Buffer is the best site to manage platforms at once - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google +.