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re: What does it mean to be a Software Engineer? VIEW POST

re: I think you hit the nail on the head. When it comes down to it I think all of them are buzzwords to fluff up a job but in the same sense it can be ...

Are you referring to a technical college vs. bachelor degree program at a University? I totally agree with you there - that type of college is definitely more honed on learning direct skills (a polytechnic, for example) but depending on the program, a university might offer a blend of pure theory and pure skill depending on their accreditation.

Would you say that from a college graduate you expect more of a "get it done" mentality? Versus a university graduate who might be more broad in their knowledge and needs specific training?


Yes along those lines. I was using it as more of an example. A software engineer is someone who knows the theory rather than someone who just knows how to get it done.

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