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It was survival for my story. I started out as a designer who loved Flash animation. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs (bless his soul) said that Flash was going to die and HTML5 was the future. Good thing that AS3 and JavaScript were somewhat the same during that time which made transitioning easier and faster.

Ended up loving frontend. There is so much stuff that you can do with JavaScript these days. It's truly the best time to be a frontender (sans the fatigue and everything)


That's so awesome how you adapted and ended up loving the frontend field! Was thinking of trying to get into javascript because I always see other awesome projects (and now a reading a response like this.) Do you have any recommendations for getting started?


Dont do what I did, I didnt study the core fundamentals of computer science or programming. I just assumed I would know everything because of my AS background. I jumped straight to jQuery, >_< bad idea. Know the core fundamentals, you will have an easy transition from language to language

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