What I Have Learned From Building A Chatbot

Nino Ross Rodriguez on May 06, 2018

What I Have Learned From Building A Chatbot What’s with the hype? Technology nerds and enthusiasts have always dreamed of... [Read Full]
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Tested your bot! It's nice! The only issue is that it never stops talking :D

After a few clicks and some answers you accumulate a lot of cards and it reads them all which means that i have a bot talking continuously while I'm already at the nth card and it's at three cards before me :D


Thank you! I never thought of that. It was an add-on that I included for fun, since it was for a POC of conversational UI


Great article, great bot :) Did you build it from scratch or is it some open source platform/API? I came to a new company recently, and became "the bot guy". i've built a Viber bot and started building a Facebook bot. Having never done anything like this before, I really got into it, and the experience was a chance to learn new things and write some of my best code yet. I love bots now :)


Hi Leo, thank you for your kind words! I just played around with dialogflow (formerly known as api.ai). It was really easy to implement and deploy, thats when I learned the basic principles of building a chatbot


Thanks for sharing! I think the hardest part for developers is to connect the logic with building an interaction with the user that most of the users would enjoy and remember.

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