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Programming at home may be enjoying to some developers but not to all.

I love programming at home but if i overdo it, I feel like i am not enjoying when i see other peoples. I do programming at home when i want to learn something new language. Also i have created a side project While working on the side project i felt like too busy in coding. Coding in office and coding at home, too busy but i was excited in doing that.

Now a days i don't do anything at home, just busy with family stuff and responsibilities. I feel like i am not learning anything new, just working. But that's the way the life is.

May be some companies provide time to learn, may be some don't, they might have less resources and all full of work.

For me its challenging to keep updated with new frameworks and languages, they are so many and changing so frequently. In my opinion one gets actual learning when the person has work on new technology.

I still find building side project is good for learning.

On other interest i read books and write some time.

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