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Discussion on: Which programming language would you start with and why?

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Ondrej Pinka

IMHO depends on what interests you. Algorithms? Almost any language will do. Kernel and drivers hacking, embedded software? C, C++, Rust. Backend? Many many languages will work. Frontend? JavaScript, its clones or transpilers, infinite (and growing!) number of frameworks, or Wasm if you dare. Full-stack (same language for f/e and b/e)? F#, C#, Clojure, OCaml, Kotlin, JavaScript, Rust and many more. For mathematical / computation modelling (e.g. used in finance) probably F#, Haskell, for statistics and data analysis Python, Julia, F#... Databases? SQL and all its flavors.

Or if thinking more in paradigms - for procedural probably C, C++, Python, Go... For object oriented probably Java, C#, C++, Smalltalk, Python... For functional dynamically typed languages it would be any flavor of LISP, Elixir, for statically type it would be for example Standard ML, F#, OCaml, Scala, Haskell... For maths, proof theory, category theory and what not, probably Idris, Haskell, Coq, TLA+...

If thinking about platforms: for .NET it's F#, C#, VisualBasic, for Java VM it's Java, Scala, Kotlin (both of them are cross-platform and work on pretty much any major OS) for BEAM it's Erland and Elixir...

I am sure I missed many, I meant no offense :).

When I was a young person, there was no internet and PC was as expensive as a car, if not more. Now the options are almost limitless but with difficulty of choice and risk of being overwhelmed :).