Discussion on: Rethinking CSS

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Onyeka Aghanenu

"As like no one would use Vanilla JS nowadays except for beginners"

Bold assumption there.

Anyway, small bits of CSS + OOCSS + Atomic is how I work... especially as I use SCSS imports which comes with partials and this works for me. I split my general CSS into helpers/atomic partials. Layout specific into their own partials, merge it all into one file for production. Then again I don't work at Facebook or Google, so maybe I can't relate to the challenges these massive companies have with CSS.

I see no reason for it to be always-changing. HTML/CSS are the backbone of the web, they need to be stable because unlike JS, every single website needs them. There are small but impactful improvements added to CSS every year, the way improvements are added to decades-old languages like Python or PHP.

If anything I think we should be trying to calm down with the JS framework trends.

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Ben Kress

I still use vanilla JS after 17 years... Making assumptions that nobody develops without frameworks makes it sound like it is you that is the beginner in this equation. You definitely do not know the collective purpose of developers across the entire web... Making blanket statements that support what you think is not adding value to your viewers. Stick to the facts, and don't push your own beliefs. There is no reason for many developers to use frameworks that aren't as fast or as functional as raw experience. Just because you take the easy way out, which may also be the correct way in your instance... Does not universally mean your way is the only way... And the right way. Let's try to be mature and realize... There are many different opinions and styles of Dev... Keep opinions where they belong.

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Leonora Der Author

With that very first sentence, I meant that there almost no web projects that use no library or framework.

I agree that HTML and CSS need to be stable, and we have the improvements. But as even Python and PHP had its major updates, maybe CSS could have one too! :)

But again, these are just a few random thoughts... :)

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Ali Spittel

GitHub, Hackernews, and Wikipedia all don't use JavaScript frameworks and many others are only using JQuery for compatibility with old browsers at this point.

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Onyeka Aghanenu

I still don't know if it's a good comparison, by nature of how simply CSS is structured and what it's used for, which is styling, you don't really need a framework. I need only 3 lines of CSS to place an element anywhere in a page. I think this is a feature, not a bug.

Even if they did, do things like Bootstrap, Tailwind not count? Or tools like SASS or LESS? They do what something like jQuery does, which is provide shortcuts/pre-written elements so you don't have to.

I don't know, it just feels like a desire to add complexity – trying to make CSS feel like a 'real boy'/language–that it doesn't need.