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I am the founder of OpenDomain - we have donated domains worth millions to Open Source projects over the last 20 years. Domains including,, Xmpp.Org, Ecmascript.Org,, Schema.Org to Google, and WebPlatform.Org to the W3C. Unfortunately, we have not gotten a lot of love from OSS, so we are thinking about ending the project. We would love your opinion if we should continue. I am considering selling all my current domains (NoSql.Com, Free.TV, Xg.Org,, and more) to fund a new open source project: CharityCoin. CharityCoin is a 'Better bitcoin', where part of the mining goes towards charities. We won the techstart blockchain hackathon becuase we have a better PoW, but I am concerned about creating another altcoin because of the recent drop. Is there still room to create a new Coin? We also have a great idea on how to do an ICO without all the headaches.

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