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Hi Dan,

First, let me thank you for making this. At this point you and your ideas are kind of a basic reference in part of the industry so, being able to kind of dig into your head through this questions is just plain awesome.

Now, my question is regarding your article on Presentational and Container components, I would love to know your opinion about one thing.

Imagine that you had an app where all the state is stored in redux, from all the dynamic contents of any div to the actual state of the UI (checkboxes, inputs, form errors, menu structures, etc...), simply everything.

In that case, when all your components can be stateless because they will be grabbing everything they need from redux and dispatching everything as actions to it (and you're not building a component library that you want to be storage agnostic, of course), would you say that the whole idea of splitting components that way still makes sense or is it maybe a little bit too artificial?

Thanks in advance!

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