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Discussion on: Do you have a standing desk? Which one?

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Oracle Sean ♠️

Go automated if possible. It's easy to push a button and get out of your chair but if I had to crank I might just suffer through sitting too long. Make sure the motor is powerful enough.

I can recommend the Vivo electric standing desk: It goes on sale periodically for 250 or less. I've had mine about 3 years (I was remote pre-COVID).

I purchased it without a top because I had grand plans for making something beautiful. I got a cheap, plain door from my local home improvement center as a temporary solution and, uh, well, I'm still using it. It's functional and doesn't look bad, just not beautiful. One day I'll get around to it!

The desk is electric, with three memory settings and fine adjustments. The manual adjustment is precise. The motor is quiet and powerful. It raises and lowers my setup with multiple monitors and stands, a UPS and additional shelving underneath for holding laptops, USB/Thunderbolt hubs, a network switch, etc. The desk adjusts to different widths and includes a cable tray. It is SOLID, sturdy and well built.

Assembly is via Allen keys (included as I recall), wrenches and screwdrivers and is similar to building Ikea furniture. Be warned—this is a HEAVY item.

I added a pair of VIVO dual-arm monitor mounts to my setup. I'm very pleased with their products and their customer service is great—one of the monitor arms shipped without some accessory pieces. They overnighted replacements and followed up with an email to confirm I had everything I needed.