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Regardless the fact that your comments are inappropriate and I think you should be banned for that, most of your arguments are wrong or irrelevant.

  • Web Components status page on w3c: and spec:

  • Web Components supported by most of the modern browsers, and polyfill fill the gap for old ones, this concept allowed us running es2016 years ago, so why not using it? are you against babel? webpack?

  • Web Components aims to encapsulate state, functionality and DOM elements into one single module - truly MVC. who said it should allows you templating? you can build it via DOM api or other libraries.

  • I'm using Web Components inside my AngularJS old app, it works like a charm, boost the performance and made everything clean, testable and reusable.


So not agreeing is inappropriate, hmm, sorry not to be a part of your yes-sayers club.

  • Point one: Thx for defending me here because you will very clearly see that only html templates are completed, please use these yes

  • Point one is a very very bad one, first of all only the latest version of chrome and firefox is barely most of the modern browsers, because other browser don't support it or barely (don't look at this fake graph, look at caniuse).
    There is seriously something wrong if you look at the web like that. I don't believe in graceful degradation.

  • I did not find this an important point at all.

  • Lol Angular, ok 'nough said, nevermind.

So you apparently don't know what trolling means. Apparently not agreeing is trolling nowadays?

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