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Discussion on: Making Better HTTP APIs

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Alex Rudenko Author • Edited on

Thanks for the comment! I agree that what you suggest is a good solution and can work well for many use cases. But 1) you cannot always choose UUID as id for different reasons and an additional generated id may not help (if you can, use UUID though) 2) UUID generation on clients you don't control can break at any time in production if done wrong and then you will have frustrated users who always get an error. So what you say: give the clients a chance to mess up; what I say: give the clients no chance to mess up at the expense of two HTTP requests. You can decide what to do in any given case and if you want to optimize the two requests and compress the logic into one. But if the operation is quite important I would advocate for paying the price of two requests but having full control over IDs on the backend and making sure nothing can be messed up (by anyone except you as the backend developer)

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Javier Ferrer


Thanks for the reply!