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Discussion on: Testing Terraform The Right Way

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Anthoer emarging platform for testing Terraform is Lightlytics:

Lightlytics technology uses a real-time representation of your cloud environment and simulates proposed changes as if your Terraform code was already deployed.

With Lightlytics you will be able to understand how your Terraform code is going to impact the destined environment before applying the code and it will reduce the chance for mistakes and misconfigurations from hitting your production environment.

A good example is a change to security group rules or an IAM policy statement which is attached to a role that is assumed by multiple resources. A mistake in this code can cause dependent resources to lose reachability or gain unintendedly access. Using Lightlytics simulation will enable you to immediately understand if the proposed change is going to achieve the original requirement and also make sure that misconfigurations will not be applied to a live environment.

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