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GPT-3: Programming in English

osamaqarem profile image Osama Qarem ・1 min read

I know GPT-3 and similarly fascinating tech have a long way to go, but I want you to envision a future where we use GPT-3 for real. This is my opinion after entertaining that thought:

COBOL was meant to be friendly to non-programmers using English words and such, but in the end, it was still programming.

At my workplace, people who are proficient at using Joget (low/no code platform) are called Joget Developers. Just like there are Joget Developers, there will be people trained at giving instructions to the AI and using its platform; GPT-3 Developers.

Using GPT-3 will still be programming. It will be coding in a language that uses English as its syntax. Let's consider that for a moment: Human spoken languages are less concise, less clear and more prone to misunderstanding. People will need to practice the right nouns, adjectives and verbs etc. to use when talking to GPT-3 to get the outcome they want. You would need to learn to "debug" your English sentences according to how GPT-3 understands it, and not according to what you really meant. Words and even sentences carry different meanings based on context.

Some might argue "they could create a simplified version of the English language that makes it easier to give instructions to GPT-3" - you just invented a programming language.

With programming languages, you say what you mean and mean what you say. Learning a logical language is easier than learning English.

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Aadish Patodi

I am scared after reading more about gpt, but trying to look at it with optimism. It gives a feeling that a lot of lower end dev jobs will be gone. But we need to see the silver lining, we can focus more on actual problem solving or rather problem identification.

osamaqarem profile image
Osama Qarem Author

I'm not worried at all to be honest.
I look at tools like this as boilerplate reducers; they're not perfect — they can write some stuff for me but I'll still need to step in and check everything. I already use such tools in my day to day work. They allow me to use my time to focus on the more complex parts of the app.

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Hemant Joshi

This is Killing the Internet 🙄

osamaqarem profile image
Osama Qarem Author

Don't think I'd have wrote this if everyone around me wasn't talking about it 😩

omawhite profile image
Omar White

This is the most reasonable GPT-3 take I think I’ve seen so far. Very interesting tool.

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