re: Are login forms that ask for your username and password on two different pages more secure? VIEW POST

re: The only form I remember that does that is Google auth. I guess that's some sort of UX, because you can either sign in or sign up (login/register f...

I also struggle with sign in and sign up, as English is not my mother tongue. I know the difference, but I have to stop and think. Also, there isn’t enough difference visually to distinguish them without reading.

Google auth is the most broken login form I have seen in my life. If you’re unlucky enough to have more that one account, you can be sure you’re constantly half-logged-in (it remembers you but still wants your password) to the wrong one and the only way to stop it is to log in so you can log out. And start again next time you need to switch accounts (maybe it improved recently, but it’s been awful like that for a while).

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