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Obed Osei Frimpong
Obed Osei Frimpong

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What makes some engineering teams so successful?

Be it small or large engineering teams, what is it that makes them more efficient than others? How do they collaborate so well?
Could it be their manager or their tech lead who has years of experience and understands how to lead the other engineers?

What are the variables that make them successful?

Yes, every team has its challenges, how do they overcome them? I could make use of some examples in your various teams.

Lately, these questions have been running through my mind. I would be grateful if I get some inputs here as to how this comes by.

Links and books related to this can also be shared.

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Tom Hall

Unfortunately most of my personal experience has been under engineering "leaders" who either a) had no engineering background and therefore didn't understand the unique needs of engineers, or b) came from an engineering background and lacked the experience or empathy required for managing people.

I highly recommend the books "Accelerate", by Nicole Forsgren and Jez Humble, and "Team Topologies", by Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais. Both give a ton of excellent guidance for building high-performing, happy teams.

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Obed Osei Frimpong • Edited

Right! Thanks, Tom.