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Discussion on: Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

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My own is a self-taught developer start when secondary school, so i have thinking about should i take a cs degree. Firstly i didn't want to take because of time-wise & money-wise so in the end i only taken Diploma IT in Malaysia. So what i think at last i will prefer people go with a cs degree if you have time & money to do because there always some basic / some learning path u would possible miss out or some good experience from your lecturer. Most important there the "development basement" of your development career.

But there some issues on Malaysia Education also. Subject not an issues, whats the issues was the lecturer is inexperience and wrong educated. What i meet at my diploma was the lecturer is teaching Java wrong, but at last lecturer has said sorry to us about this because of inexperience so for me i may feel it's okay, but from experience my other friends is going to degree, even though lecturer is wrongly teached but still said they were always true, because they are lecturer.

This is my personally opinion, so for other malaysian if have different outcome / opinion about education can sharing with me though.

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