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Discussion on: CSS in JS - have we done something wrong?

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Was Brendan Eich wrong that invented JavaScript? No.
You like it, you learn it and use it.

Your CSS guy clearly overestimated his abilities and didn't prepare to work with new technology.
Being humble is also a skill. The one that many (sometimes great) engineers lack the most.

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Maciej Sikora Author • Edited

Interesting take. Did Brendan Eich invented JS in order to make stylesheets in it? I don't think so. It's totally not about being humble, this person was trying to get it, and this trying was a burden for the whole team.

New is not always better.

Not saying that CSS in JS is wrong but as every abstraction it has costs, and this is one of these costs.

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Darius Kruythoff

You speak of humility while stating that the CSS guy should learn Javascript to do his work. Interesting.