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Discussion on: From Deaf to Dev: A Story about a Deaf Person Learns to Code

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Quincy Larson

Thanks for sharing your story, Anusha and Truls. It is extra inspiring to me, since you are also doing so much of your self-teaching using the English language.

A big proportion of the developer community is deaf (one of our moderators is deaf and lives not far from me here in Texas). This is something we are conscious of when we make design decisions within freeCodeCamp.

One problem you may have noticed is that our longer YouTube videos don't have subtitles. YouTube won't auto-caption videos that are longer than 4 hours - and most of ours are. We are actively working on a way to get captions on these, but for now we are doing much of this manually.

If you all have any suggestions for how we can make freeCodeCamp more accessible, I would welcome your ideas.

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Anusha Lee

Hi Truls and Quincy,

Thank you very much! Actually, this is Wen's article. I help her revise most part of her writing. As to the caption, MicroSoft Word has a speech recognition or speech to text converter. My Word is Chinese version so I don't know what it exactly called in English. The icon is a microphone. Perhaps this will solve the issue. Here's the video about the setup.


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kyotofu28 Author

Anusha Thank your help!πŸ˜„

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kyotofu28 Author

Thank youπŸ˜ƒThis is me really never thought that someone leave a message,this is big surprise.Yes,YouTube no subtitles are a lot of trouble,if you can segment 1/2/3 maybe there subtitles to watch.

I wish Freecodecamp YouTube can teach about how to step by step build App,currently I'm read React,let me know what is React and any element,still not yet try build small App.