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Business Development Tools in 2021

Slack, Rocketbolt, and Trello are among the best business development tools in 2020. In this article, we'll go over 10 tools your business should consider, especially if a part of your team is working remotely.

Whether you have a new startup or an established business, top business development tools are the need of the hour to manage the flurry of activities and keep your team productive.

From relationship-building to managing pitches to reporting and prospecting! Technology is empowering us with the latest innovations and business development tools to smoothen out our workflow, ease out the excess workload, and enhance employee productivity.

As per the latest surveys on social media monitoring, CRM, research services, SEO, list building software, social media, prospecting, market automation, and project management, the following are the top benefits these tools provide.

4 Primary Benefits of Business Development Tools

  1. Better Integration of Data - For better integration of all activities under one roof, smart business software is much needed.

  2. Simple, Practical CRM - An easy-to-learn CRM, user-friendly interface, well-integrated with marketing automation platforms is definitely priority for business managers.

  3. Improved Tracking Facility - Tools that integrate well with other software to have up-to-date accurate data, better tracking business development tools are must.

  4. Smart Reporting Tools - Business managers are always on the lookout for efficient reporting on the metrics for quick and easy management of workflow. Each business development tool or app comes along with certain specialty features to serve that particular organization. Hence, it is crucial to analyze your business needs and then pick up the best tool to boost up your business.

Below our my picks for the top 10 business development tools to survive the cut-throat business challenges of your business.


Twitter is strongly emerging as one of the most important business development tools, with special features of providing real-time information.

It is an American microblogging and social networking service founded in 2006. Twitter facilitates public conversation, allows you to send & receive posts called tweets. Twitter is often looked upon as a common ground for the whole world to connect, share, learn and solve their problems

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an American business development, employment-oriented portal founded in 2003. They operate via websites and mobile apps and have carved a niche for themselves in connecting business professionals all over the world. LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking, where employers post their jobs and job seekers post their CVs.

LinkedIn is yet another important business development platform for all professional networking requirements.

Mainly, LinkedIn serves online professional network, jobs, people search, address book, advertising, company searches, professional identity, and group collaborations.

3. is a cloud-based business Development software that specializes in collaboration, mobility, screen-sharing, collaborative whiteboard, connectivity, meetings, and SAAS technology.

It is considered as one of the essential business development tools for remote teams with budget constraints, allowing instant online meetings, sharing of tasks effortlessly.

Coming from the LogmeIn suite of services, is a big success amongst small businesses, it has an easy-to-use modern interface with plenty of features to enhance your online meetings.

4. Slack

Slack offers connectivity, group work, mobility to remote teams staying continents apart. It is one of the most useful business development tools for sharing files, group collaborations, and connecting on calls.

This tool offers IRC-style features including persistent chat rooms organized by private groups, topics, and direct messaging. It is one of the simplest applications to connect with your team and work together.

5. Rocket Bolt

Rocketbolt is one of the key business development tools for lead activation, conversion optimization, engagement, SaaS, B2B, email productivity and lead tracking. It seamlessly integrates with current marketing and sales workflows to record all the lead activity.

Rocketbolt is a simple yet powerful lead tracking tool that saves time on researching and monitoring leads.

This trendy app easily manages your emails and make them easy to read. Also, it can be easily added to any website in less than a few minutes and quickly drive more sales & social media engagement without any additional maintenance.

Overall, it provides a great UX/UI with clean features, super easy to use application!

6. Trello

Trello is a smart task management application with special features for organization, collaboration, software, and projects for teams to work more collaboratively.

Trello’s boards, cards, and lists enable teams to organize
& prioritize projects in a fun, flexible way.

This business development tool gives a visual overview of what is being done and who is working on what, making a systematic approach to track the project and contribute where it is most needed.

7. Google Drive

Launched in 2012 by Google, this is a file storage, synchronization service that allows users to store files on their servers, share files and synchronize across various devices.

Google Drive is a specialty business development tool for online storage and file sharing. It is one of the best free cloud-based storage services that enables users to store and access files online by providing the15 GB free space to back up your important files.

It allows simultaneous data sharing with the whole team preventing the hassle of sending emails separately.

8. Prezi

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform launched in 2009 by a Hungarian presentation software company. This business development tool helps you connect more powerfully with the audience.

Prezi is strongly growing its base with each passing year, has more than 150 million users who have created more than 400 million presentations worldwide.

Its open canvas allows you to navigate freely through topics, encouraging easy interaction and collaboration between you and your viewers, resulting into conversational presentations that are more natural, engaging, and memorable.

9. Canva

Canva has successfully established itself into an efficient business development tool for graphic design platforms. It allows its users to create social media graphics, posters, presentations, documents and several other useful visual contents.

With Canva, you can design anything from business cards to consultant-worthy presentations and proposals in a matter of minutes. It is built more intuitively to provide design efficiency where users can choose from many professionally designed templates, edit the designs and upload their own photos through drop and drag interface.

You can start by selecting the type of project you want to build like- a presentation, letter or a Facebook cover, etc. Then you can browse through the provided templates, pick one, customize it, and you are ready with a stunning presentation to send your prospects.

And you do not have to be an expert designer to make these presentations, anybody with an interest in designing and a keen eye for details can use this business development application with ease and confidence.

10. Fileboard

Fileboard specializes in online meetings, screen sharing, track analytics and sales presentations.

This business development tool is an AI-enabled software that shows how sales professionals are engaging efficiently through insights with their prospecting, automate tasks and then comes with a suite of tools to enhance productivity.

Wrap Up

The are endless business development tools out there, varying as per the business needs of that organization.

We tried presenting the top 10 tools which are mostly useful for every organization’s work structure.

You surely want the best business development tools and software to have an edge over your competition. Also, the ease of work experience these tools provide is unmatchable.

We recommend to select the best business tools after thoroughly scrutinizing their payment plans, applications benefits and after reviewing their full reports to extract maximum benefit out of these.

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