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Discussion on: MVC Tutorials Are Broken

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Ovid Author

I can understand that point of view and I used to be there. Over time, I discovered that when I knew that a particular place was bad for my code, leaving it there would cause issues in the long run. Refactoring a large, working application is hard work.

That being said, just because I know where something doesn't belong doesn't always mean I know where it does belong. Software is still hard 😃

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Brian Wisti

Well, yeah. There is that. "Where I think of it" isn't quite as random as it was for me say ten or twenty years ago. Plus, the "refactor" flags start waving about five to ten lines in. The river follows the path of least resistance, but often enough it follows the path that already worked.

OTOH it's not uncommon for me to wake up to an ugly chunk of code I added last night at 2am that urgently needs to be cleaned up for my own sanity.