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re: You said you've been working online. How did you get these jobs. I have been looking to work on kind as well but I'm not getting any work as at now...

Hi charles, what kind of experience do you have? are you working already and looking to get into just working from home?


I have experience in front-end using React and React-native for mobile and a little back-end knowledge with laravel and expresss framework. I ma not working at the moment as im still looking to find a junior dev job to get my hands on some working experience in real organisations. I have done some freelance jobs for some companies. And yes i am looking to work from home desperately.

Any way out for me..??

Hi charles, first thing is, amazing bro. thats really good and im sure you'll be able to find the perfect fit for you.

I think my first tip is, heres the thing, as a junior dev, we don't expect you to know the entirety of the development spectrum. i recommend focusing on one thing and making it you're main selling point. So you know react and thats something that generally a lot of people are looking for. Let's focus on that, and just try and strengthen your skillsets in that general area.

When sending out resumes, DO NOT send out a generic block of text thats meant for everyone. Send out a resume that's tailored tot hat specific company. Some key points to target. Why me? Why React? and Why you?

Why you - Why do you want to work for them. And dont give them some generic one liner that says "In order to grow with your company".
Say something like - I really loved the application you did. ____________ (insert application name here)

you get the drift.

So basically as a junior developer with no proven track record, you have to work 10x as hard trying to secure a job, just because it is 10x as hard for companies to even consider giving you a second look.

Target Individuals and small businesses. Dont apply to large companies that have advertised job postings everywhere.Look at job hiring boards, freelancer boards, even approach someone directly perhaps on a forum or social network that you frequent.

Basically its all about putting 110% of yourself out there.

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