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Discussion on: My 3 Simple Tips For Being A Productive Remote Developer

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Great tips, here are some additional ones:

Have a very specific to-do list. It's easy to forget some things that you need to do during the day if you don't have some sort of to-do list. The whole GTD methodology is based around this. Get things out of your head on the paper. That way you'll always know exactly what you should be doing next.

Have some sort of time blocking software on all your devices. If you need something done quickly, things like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook can be a total distraction. Set specific time blocks from the time you start working to the end time. I’d even say have it on hardcore mode so you can’t possibly turn it off 😉

Have clear on\off times. For instance, at 9 o’clock you start your workday and at 5 o’clock you stop working. Maintaining your time schedule helps you stay in that routine.

Get a really dedicated space. If you work remotely, it's probably not the best idea to work from your dining room table and have kids running around. It can be really distracting and decrease your productivity. So, get yourself a dedicated place where no one will prevent you from concentrating on the work at hand.

Dress nicely in the mornings. If you work remotely, dressing nicely in the morning is a good way to feel like it’s a business day, as you need to get stuff done.

Have a commute time. This one might sound strange, but the thing here is to use your commute to sort of wake up your brain. For example, I like to watch some interesting conference talk during my commute or sketch an idea for a blog post.

I've summed up some other tips in one of my recent blog posts: Remote work: Benefits and Challenges, Tips for Web Developers

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