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How to convert .py file to .exe 2 methods

hello , today i will show you how to convert python file(.py) to an executable file(.exe) .

first method:

first , open your terminal or command line , write this command to install auto-py-to-exe

pip install auto-py-to-exe

second, after installing auto-py-to-exe write this command to open



after writing this command this window will open :
Alt Text
set the script location then convert.

second method:

we will use py installer
in the command line write:

pip install PyInstaller

After installing pyinstaller write the path of the file.

cd Desktop

after going to the path of the file:


after the build complete select file called dist:
Alt Text
then select name of the file.exe:
Alt Text

Note: auto-py-to-exe uses pyinstaller:

Alt Text
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