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Discussion on: Here's A Simpler Alternative to Redux

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Øystein Malt • Edited

Nice article, and an interesting concept. It sounds to me like you still end up with almost as much boilerplate though. You still need to write reducers (with useReducer), and you need to set up a store. At that point, you basically have a hooks-first Redux. React-connect provide hooks which allow you to access the store (using selectors, so here you do get more boilerplate), so it is still compatible with modern redux.

Personally I see problems with keeping the state alongside the view, especially when scaling, as your view layer would become inflexible and harder to change compared with the view layer as a state consumer.

Considering this library still requires some setup, maybe just plain useReducers or useContexts are enough for simple apps. If have greater needs than that I would still prefer redux I believe.

But I really enjoyed the idea presented. It is a very creative and cool use of context + hooks!