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I agree with you about what we should teach instead of programming like creativity or critical thinking but teaching programming is not teaching todays web frameworks, etc. conditions, loops, functions, strings will not change for at least 30 years. When a child learns to play with arduino by programming, she can be more creative I think. In addition, programming requires math so children see why it is useful. Thanks for the post.


That's debatable :) I firmly believe programming is a skill. That being said, I disagree with what kids are actually learning (and how) - it's complete waste of time. To use your example: it's perfectly fine to teach kids to play with the Scrach, Aurdino etc. and on the way, yes, they will learn about if, loops, signals, timings... but we must stop making such big fuss of it by praising and prioritizing it. Kids equally should learn about e.g., painting - in the same way how they play with Aurdino, they should play with a canvas... and everything else I mentioned up :) In other words, let's turn their minds onto exploring, connecting different contexts, playing... rather to give them one-way street of learning syntax.

Sorry for such vocative reply, I can get emotional with this subject :)


Education system creates people considering future requirements and market demands. Because of this, it is inevitable to have such system prioritized programming over painting. Besides, nothing has been thought equally or unbiased in the world and it will not be. Every parent is free to choose what is best for their kids by considering alternatives. Thanks for the heads up.

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