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P42 Code Review: Inline Comments and Hints

Code reviews and pull requests are essential for many teams to increase code quality and transfer knowledge. However, it is often tedious for reviewers to comment on minor issues such as readability and style.

P42 automatically reviews the readability and style of your commits and pull requests and suggests improvements and modernization opportunities. This automation frees up reviewers' time to check for potential bugs and the overall correctness of the pull request.

Starting November 2021, P42 for GitHub has several additional code review features:

Inline Comments

P42 now shows hints directly in your diffs, so you can easily see them when reviewing the code.
Learn more...

Inline Comments

Enhanced Code Review Report

The code review report that is part of the GitHub checks distinguishes between old and new suggestions for default branch commits, contains additional explanations, and lists annotations. Learn more...

Hint and Blocker Setting for Code Actions

You can configure each P42 code action as either a hint (default) or blocker on the repository page. Hints leave messages on your pull requests, but do not fail the overall check. Learn more...

Hint and Blocker Setting for Code Actions

Code reviews for pull requests and default branch commits can now be enabled with a single click for existing repositories. Code reviews for new repositories are enabled by default.

Curious about P42 for GitHub? Check out this overview to see what it can do for you.

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