Discussion on: Enough with the User Stories already!

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Paul Abrams

I don't think your clients are going to care about your Impact Maps. You can build the system based on whatever intermediate design artifacts you want, but I don't think you can expect your clients to understand them or want to talk about them. They see things in terms of User Stories, and if that makes them "first class requirement artifacts" in your opinion, then I think you're probably just going to have to deal with it.

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Fred Heath Author

Hi Paul,

The reason clients see things in terms of User Stories is because that's what we tell them. And the outcome is that clients (but often also developers, BAs and others) muddle up requirements, specifications, goals, technical tasks, etc under the 'User Story' umbrella. Tremendous confusion and lengthy backlogs ensue.

So let's stop talking about 'User Stories' and start talking about:

  • What we're doing (Capabilities)
  • Why we're doing it (Business Goals)
  • How we're doing it (Features)