Discussion on: The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil

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I read somewhere that "Just" is a four-letter-word that means, "someone else's job."

"Why can't you just get the color and compare it to one of our 6 brand colors, and if it is, output that brand color on our web page," was an actual thing asked of me. I had a client that wanted to just put a camera outside their HQ, just capture the predominant color that people were wearing, and just turn that color into one of their 6 branded colors that they could just put on a homepage, represented in an animated circle.

And because of that word "just", they thought the animated circle was the hard part. Because I could just compare one of 16 million colors captured in RGB to one of six... because color is just that simple.

"just" seems to be a mask that hides and summarizes a load of technical details. For the non-developer, they're details that are yet to be considered. For the developer, they're details yet to be vetted and validated.