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Discussion on: Transform your habits into productivity routine ⌚️ + 💻 = 💪

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Francesco Leardini Author • Edited

Creating a code tutorial a day (no matter how quick) is a great challenge!! You have all my admiration.

It takes a lot of energy and determination to find an interesting topic and then code a practical example out of it!

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Chris Achard

Yeah, it's often a challenge 😅 But it keeps me learning all the time.

Example: my latest round has been all about React hooks; and I chose hooks, because I wanted to get better at them myself. And it's definitely worked: I can now say that I know hooks pretty well, and all because I had to force myself to learn them in order to teach them. It's a great "hack"!

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Francesco Leardini Author

That's great! I started learning React since a couple of weeks (currently I work with Angular). After some initial conflicts (aka JSX 😂) I started liking it's way of writing, very close to vanilla JS.
I will definitely read your posts about React, please keep writing!!