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During my last year of undergrad everyone is required to work on a "big project" and present it to the advisors. I was really interested in mobile apps (btw this was during the Symbian S60 days) so I decided to teach my self Java (J2ME) and worked on a very basic Mint-like "Money Log" app.

Being really new to Java (and software development in general, really) - I wrote all my source code in a single .java file. Yep, all the classes, business logic, configs, everything. No source control (who needs it anyways?) And on this one morning, the app failed to compile, and the error message is very cryptic. The file was so big I didn't even know where to start (it was over 3000 lines already), so I started going through the whole program line by line, while trying to spot anything fishy with my naked eye.

The deadline was approaching fast and I almost scratched my head bald - after 3 days I finally found it, a spooky missing ; in the middle of the file.

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