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Discussion on: 5 reasons why scrum/agile is not working for you! From the view of an developer

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I didn't reach the end of the entire article - I couldn't grasp the gist of most of the sentences. Man, use some help of a spell-checker, grammarly, friend, whatever...

As far as the "silent listeners" go - I would first look into why the organizer chose to invite them. Oftentimes, wrong people are invited to meetings. Maybe those silent participants shouldn't have been invited in the first place. Maybe the invitation lacked an agenda, or maybe it was full of errors, hard to understand, you know...

Secondly, if a person keeps quiet, why not ask them openly for their opinion?

Thirdly, it is often the case that there are too many too loud people in a meeting, and it is very wise of the silent ones to remain silent and not interrupt anyone.

Scrum is not a golden remedy to all possible organizational problems. It is just like any other tool - you should only use it if it serves the purpose. Whether it is a proper tool, depends on the people, project, sometimes project phase, and probably more. At any rate, if you use a wrong tool, blame yourself/ves, not the tool.

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

Funny I'm writing it in Ms word and then checking grammaly 🤣🤣

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Ask a friend then ;)

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You are projecting. Your post is filled with grammatical errors and typos.

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