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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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Abdul-Razak Alhassan

Early this year I started playing with Linux distros on VirtualBox...I started with Xubuntu and later tried Ubuntu itself...I still have. But somewhere along the line I chanced Debian...I installed full version and have been in love with it forever. Debian full installation is the pinnacle of Linux experience...

In the "Discover" software will find a torn of useful software.

Bugs are fixed in Debian long before Ubuntu and other Distros do so.

The only challenge with Linux Distros is the lack of good design software like Adobe...If that could be fixed...Linux will have no limits, especially Debian!

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for your insight. A lot of people have said that Debian is the best Linux distro. Linus Torvalds hasn't used it right? Ubuntu and Debian are on my list to try on VirtualBox.