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re: Why my project sucks ? At the end of project VIEW POST



There's a lot of social Networks dominated by some big companies, so it might be difficult to win a place at the table but maybe your idea is great ?

Why don't you release your project and see what happen ? What is your social network about ?

I always feel like you when I'm doing a project. It's due to my motivation: I feel super motivated when I'm starting a project but after a while, I feel like everything I'm doing is not as cool as I imagined and I sometimes abandon the project :/


Hi Alexandre , making social network is project in my final year,since it was final year i want to make something big (in india generally people are mediocre who makes simple static websites), i want to make the big think(at least for me it's big) , the project doesn't look good but it was nice to learn so many things , it hit me heard

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