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Key Benefits of Progressive Web App

The world of web development has changed rapidly, It is largely driven by recent trends such as mobile, and the development world is rapidly involving. If we compare Progressive Web App with mobile apps and web apps then Progressive Web App provides alot of benefits which we will see later in this article.

Benefits of Progressive Web App

  1. It is Available On Offline Mode

There may be many instances of internet connection break, If we talk about the mobile apps or web apps it's fully stops working if there is dependency on server side data. With Progressive Web App, the application can be still used when offline with saved data.

  1. Not need to install

When we talk about mobile apps, User needs to download the app and then install it on the phone. It will create storage issues on mobile in the near future. And it's a common trend that user don't hasitate to install the older apps to create space for new apps. In Progressive Web App, Installation is not needed.

  1. Version update issue

If we talk about the mobile apps, then we get frequently version updates and sometimes without updating app it is not accessible. We don't need to face this issue with Progressive Web App.

  1. Reach out to a larger audience

One of the major benefit of Progressive Web App, We can reach to larger audience since it works across screen. Potential customers can access your app on their preferred devices to learn more about your services, online store, and portfolio. If you are planning to launch a startup app, then a Progressive Web App is going to offer better reach.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Budget is also one of the very important factor for many companies today. Progressive Web App also helps alot here because of its low development/maintance costing.

  1. Multiple Platform? Support

Progressive Web App works very smoothly on all devices and platforms. We don’t need to create a separate version of the app for individual platforms. A single App is enough for all platforms.

  1. No, Wait For The Approvals

For any company, It's very common to launch the update of the mobile app due to new feature addition or bug fixing. Which again follows the set of process on app stores to update the apps, So it may take some time for approval which is again a problem when app update is needed in urgency.

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