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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Luis R. Anaya


I have never been a Gentoo fan since the first time I tried to install it it ended up bricked with the black screen of death. With that said, I had my share of compiling Linux kernels and running "configure;make;make install" to install open source programs. Therefore. I see why you want to move out of building every time there is an upgrade.

Debian is a good choice, but I am biased being that most of the desktops that I have at home are Debian or Ubuntu based. If your intent is to have a system that is stable, then it is certainly a way to go as your desktop computer.

Fedora is ok, but I was turned off by the frequency of updates. My RPM system of choice happen to be CentOS but it is mostly because the systems at work are Red Hat. I rather have a system with a long support lifecycle than having to upgrade the whole installation on a relatively short period of time. I feel that the release cycles in Fedora are too short for my liking.

I am surprised that Arch was not on the list being that it is preferred by many advaced Linux users. I had several installations of Arch mostly in old PogoPlugs. But considering what you wrote on your article, I understand if it is not considered being that it is a rolling release distribution. I personally had issues with pacman that made me think twice of using Arch as my main desktop environment. Some folks love Arch, I am in the camp of "not so much".

Whichever you choose, I hope that it makes you productive. :)

Best of lucks.