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Discussion on: Any questions about software architecture? Let us know for the chance to be featured on a DEV podcast!

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Glenn Paquette • Edited

As someone who is starting to work on larger projects and trying to bring in other devs to contribute, I'd love to get a bit of a breakdown on how to approach architecture planning for a project.

  1. What things need to be considered? As in, what questions should you ask yourself for every project you plan.
  2. What are some red flags that point to potential problems that should be addressed?
  3. What is something you wish you knew as a beginner, as in, something that would have made a project easier or saved you from problems down the line?
  4. How to deal with opposing opinions on architecture from your team. Example: SQL vs NoSQL, node vs go, etc... Seems like everyone has an opposing opinion on what is best.