PHP 7.2: The First Programming Language to Add Modern Cryptography to its Standard Library

Scott Arciszewski on February 12, 2017

Last week, the voting phase closed on an RFC to add libsodium to PHP 7.2. The result was unanimous (37 in favor, 0 against... [Read Full]
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No, it doesn't.

Please, everyone, look at the documentation for the language you're writing in and compare it to the established criteria of this post before you ask about it.

C# gives you NIST curves, not modern ECC (RFC 7748). C# doesn't give you a simple misuse-resistant AEAD interface like crypto_secretbox() or crypto_box() as part of the standard API. Therefore, it's not modern cryptography.

Weierstrass curves are not modern.

You can get that if you install libsodium-net by Adam Caudill. But that's not part of the language, that's a community-provided addon.

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