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How to Install GalliumOS on a Chromebook using Chrx

[This post was originally on my blog.]

Note: to do this, all your chromeOS data will be wiped. I recommend reading through all of this post before starting.

This post is about how I got my chromebook dual booting galliumOS.

my galliumOS

Step one: go into Developer mode.

Developer mode is a setting that lets you do development. It's not on by default because it also makes it easier to install a malicious package. (APKs, or android packages, can't be opened without developer mode.)

To turn on developer mode, hold down the esc and reload key, then tap the power key. You will be greeted by a very scary popup saying "CHROMEOS IS MISSING OR DAMAGED." Hit control-D, and then it will say something along the lines of "START DEVELOPER MODE? all your data will be wiped." press enter. It will start.

Step two: login

Your computer will restart and say "OS VERIFICATION IS OFF." Press control-D.

since starting Developer mode wiped all your data, you will have to log in again, etc. If you don't want to that, you can just go into guest mode.

Step two: install Chrx

You will have to install and run Chrx, which is really easy. Just one curl command:

cd ; curl -Os && sh go

Copy and paste that command in chrosh shell (ctrl-alt-T and then type shell.)

Go through the install script. At the bottom, it will have a "diagnosis." If it says it will only succeed if it has a firmware update keep that in mind. Reboot.

Step two.two: Update firmware

If you need to update your firmware, you will have to download MrChromebox. Type this in the crosh shell:

cd; curl -LO && sudo bash

You will see this menu:

MrChromebox menu

Press 1 to update the firmware. (When you do this, you will install BIOS [Basic Input/Output System]).

Step three: repeat "step six"

Type this command in chrosh (again):

cd ; curl -Os && sh go

That will install GaliumOS.

Step four: Get into GalliumOS

Reboot. This time, when you have to type control-D, type control-L. It will go into BIOS, then GalliumOS. Username is chrx and password is chrx.

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wyattdapro profile image

Thanks! very helpful but the new code is:
curl | sudo tar xzfC - /usr/local && chrx