Discussion on: Where do I get an affordable (or free) RDBMS?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt Author

Of course, I always have an option of hosting any database on DigitalOcean starting at 5 USD / mo, but should I do it? Cheaper options?

And, will it be better than Heroku PostGRES hobby-basic? (Where there may be downtimes, and no backup, and perhaps, spinning up time.)

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Gary Bell

The brilliant part about DigitalOcean is their transparency of pricing. A backup of the Droplet can be done once a week automatically for 20% of the cost of the Droplet. A $5 Droplet will cost $1 a month for backups.

It's worth noting that at times you do get what you pay for. For $5 a month on DigitalOcean, your RAM and CPU are shared resources. You shouldn't rely on those to be performant for production workloads. Move outside of the Basic tier and you pay a lot more (starting at 8x more) but get the dedicated resource to have performance available.

Going cheap and accepting shared resource (like every cheap, shared host I am aware of) is going to have a huge performance trade-off.