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Discussion on: What Tool Can You Never Remember or Get Good At?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Precisely because JSON is dynamic in nature, and TypeScript can always escape to JS-esque dynamicness. Also, NPM got what I wanted, Flask-esque Express.js, which feels quite standard.

JS/TS seems to integrate with the IDE better than Python.

I actually like Kotlin, but I have never done well with Spring Boot, and I hated (someone-else made) boilerplate. Though, I have used Spark Java quite well, but it is not quite standard, so not much tutorials. Also I attempted to use Kotson for dynamic typing in a real static typing language.

Dart for web server feels quite nice, although I haven't dive into it much. Also, less tutorials and Heroku support...

I haven't dive into Golang and Rust much. Perhaps I should try...

Though, for TypeScript on the server, I hate ESM vs CommonJS, and the need for "build process".

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