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re: I mean, if you're not ready to dive deep into Rust, TypeScript is an acceptable compromise for now. JavaScript is a pretty awful experience once yo...

When will the time come?

I personally don't really care about JavaScript, although I do care about WORA for both desktop, tablet and mobile; and no-installation needed.

It seems to use WASM for mobile.

I am also looking for web browser alternatives, like Expo, actually. But Expo seems not to target desktop apps.

Cordova can integrates with Electron and also mobile, but it seems to reset every time mobile app is updated.

The project is early on, but there's actually been efforts to make it Native. Also, Expo (Fancy React Native) is a terrible compromise, similar to those made by Electron, but exacerbated by the limitations of mobile hardware.

Check it out:


Notice the build target:


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