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re: $5 month (pet projects with low/none access). Hosting prices is something that i'm always worried about. I've try to find a host that keep the sam...

You can set budget alerts in Google Cloud Platform, and perhaps AWS.

The only time I've have had surprise, is when I tried to use Google Kubernetes Engine -- so I deleted the project in one day. (it was 1.5 USD). Otherwise, it is always like 0.0x prices. Nothing to worry about in Google Cloud Run, if you are using stateless Dockers.

Even Google App Engine, for hosting NodeJS like Heroku, holds no surprises.

It is currently like this because of that surprise,

Otherwise, it would target 0.16 USD at the end of the month (for the sum of all projects).

BTW, I hold 4 domain names, for 0.67 USD / mo (8 USD / year) each.


The budget config. shutdown your app when reached on just alert you?

It seems that you can Shutdown on alert,

Tip: Setting a budget does not automatically cap Google Cloud or Google Maps Platform usage. The default behavior of budgets is to trigger alert emails to Billing Account Administrators so that you know how your usage costs are trending over time. Budget alerts prompt you to take action to control your costs, but do not automatically prevent the use or billing of your services when the budget is met or exceeded.

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