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Need help deploy Docker that needs storage on GCP

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For example,

I need a persistent storage, but I cannot use external MongoDB, MySQL or PostGRES.

Or, I can just use DigitalOcean, and SSH tunnel in to do everything, but not sure about security.

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Depending on what you need the storage for, you might just consider using a GCP bucket?

When you say "storage," do you mean a database?


Yes, database. Does it support something like docker -v?


So let me get this straight, you're going to have a stateful Docker container? For a database, no less?

When you say "deploy," does this imply that this stateful Docker container will be running somewhere more valuable than local throwaway test environments?

I just want to reuse the package I have posted, which is not twelve-factored. No testing, just use it. Although I might have to debug sometimes.

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