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Discussion on: 5 Tips for effective meetings

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Patrick Nelson

One really great (and super simple) approach to meetings that I found very useful and extremely easy to remember was: PAD. This is basically a refined simplification of the above, but I've been using it for a few years. What it stands for:

  • Purpose: Define a purpose for the meeting so everyone's on the same page about why we're spending time together right here and now. Helpful so folks know when they're needed or not, know who else to include, or... even determine if it's necessary to meet at all.
  • Agenda: Outline some high level stuff to touch on. Helps you pace the meeting to make sure you cover all your important points, etc. Y'know, all the obvious stuff.
  • Decisions: Don't forget to settle on an outcome (if the purpose/agenda calls for it). It's easy to get caught up on something, forget or move on and not actually conclude a particular item. Best to decide when everyone is together.

Best thing is, this was entirely from memory for me (which means it must be simple)! 😁

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Mauro Garcia Author

Wow! I loved it. It’s super simple and easy to remember as you said! Thanks for sharing Patrick!