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Discussion on: How Do I Start Giving Talks on Coding?

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Patrick Tingen

I have given a couple of talks and my advice is this:

  • Use large images that fill your whole screen, don't use borders. Large images look better than small ones

  • Don't use too much text. Use at least font size 30. This will prevent you from pushing too much on the slide and at the same time even people in the back of the room can read it.

  • If you use text, use white text on a black background otherwise you will have a huge white rectangle of light on the wall behind you. Darkmode ftw!

  • Beware of giving live demos since they tend to go good all the time except when you're actually doing your talk

  • Take your listeners on a journey; introduce a problem and why it is a problem. Then tell how this problem can be solved.

  • If you give your talk in English and it is not your native language, then rehearse, but also relax; no one will laugh at you if you make a mistake

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Andrew (he/him) Author

dark mode >>>>

Great tips, though!

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Davide de Paolis

very useful tips!