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Back in the day, I were the sole active administrator for a private server in world of warcraft. Every wednesday morning, 6:30 am, I was obliged to update the game server with the weeks newest patches and fixes.

One wednesday morning, a morning like the rest of them, I woke up at 6 as usual and had my coffee while I prepared the deployment. The clock ticks and around 6:28 it was time to execute my prepared script on the server which would do everything in "screens" whilst I just supervise it.

Everything went well, green all the way, and off to university I go.

At the lunchbreak, I opened the community forums on my forums in mission to moderate its content while also replying to ingame tickets. I found to my surprise 2 separate forum threads and one ticket implying that "the thing that should be fixed is not fixed, therefore we as 25man guild cannot do this". At once I started looking into it whilst my staff went for damage control.

Only to find out, that the deployment I had done earlier in the morning, was the script for the stage server. Oh what an facepalm, oh so disappointed community members.

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