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re: Now, what is a Framework and why would I need that? 🀨 VIEW POST


Aside from the good, standardized structure/layout, my favourite reason to use frameworks is that they often implement best practices in terms of responsive web design and accessibility (in the case of CSS and component frameworks like Vuetify), and user management, data models, database abstraction, etc. (in the case of backend frameworks like Django).

Or maybe the real favourite is that it's easier to call myself full-stack if I don't have to deal with actual design. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


Totally right, Patryk!

I tried to refer to that when said

[...] most Frameworks will already have them implemented to help improve your code and help your development.

Frameworks make it easy to understand and implement best practices in modern projects, they are really awesome ✨😊

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