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Discussion on: Focus On Creating Value, Not Code

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Patrick Schadler

I agree and would add that "solving (relevant) problems is the only thing to generate true value".

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Edwin Klesman Author

Thanks for your comment! 🙌🏻. I agree.

Relevancy is a hard one, though. As relevancy is all subjective and contextual to the people involved (both makers and users).

But - in the context of creating viable products - if you find a problem (often the easiest is to look for your own and create a solution to that) it is part of the challenge to check if the problem is relevant enough to other people for them to start paying for it.

If the problem is there, but people don't think it is a big enough problem you won't win.
If the problem isn't really relevant because there are old school manual workarounds that don't cost a lot of time or money, you won't win.

Find a problem that many people can relate to, and wished there was a modern solution to and you might win. It is then a matter of execution:

  • can you find out how to provide the most value to those people; in what form and how can they best use your product?
  • what pricing is acceptable to them and enough for you to be sustainable and be motivated into keeping the product going for them